Elevating Founders, Entities, Athletes, Artists and Non Profits Through Strategic PR

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Our mission is to empower conscious leaders, and help businesses, events and projects flourish, all while creating a positive impact in the world.

Social Impact Strategy Development

We strategize on the impact initiatives of your event or project that best match your company's values and mission. We create mutually beneficial partnerships by leveraging our existing relationships and network in the impact space, as well as research the leading companies and projects in this space.

Impact PR & Marketing

We create increased event global visibility and awareness through traditional media outlets by leveraging and sharing the impact partnerships. Our in-house PR team writes the content for press releases and article features to best position you in a positive manner.


We work with your marketing team to inform attendees about the impact initiatives we implement by creating the pertinent verbiage and info to add to your website, social media channels, and newsletters.

Fractional Corporate Social Responsibility Director

We will be your Fractional CSR Director acting as your company’s ‘conscience’, championing and developing the ethical, environmentally-friendly, and community-minded side of your business. This involves creating links between your business and the community, raising positive awareness of the organization's commitment to sustainable social responsibility.

Events, Summits, Festivals, Conferences

We excel in assisting events throughout their journey, embedding philanthropic initiatives into the core structure. We provide comprehensive support from the planning phase to post-launch activities.

Non Profit Services

Our team will guide you step by step and do all the state and IRS paperwork for you. You will receive your legal paperwork.  We will also can prepare your non profit to be fully grant ready, providing grant research, grant writing and grant management. We also offer a donor cultivation program. We can match your conference with a 501(c)(3) to give sponsors added value for tax write-offs.

Values and Benefits

Reputation and Branding

Improve your reputation and branding by demonstrating your commitment to the environment.

Attract a wider audience

Sustainability is an increasingly important issue for many globally and embedding sustainability and impact initiatives attracts a wider audience.

Cost Savings

Impact initiatives can help save money by reducing waste and minimizing unnecessary expenses.

Global Impact

By embedding impact and sustainability initiatives, we can help reduce your environmental footprint and minimize your impact on the planet.

Social Responsibility

Initiatives can help promote social responsibility by ensuring that it is accessible to all attendees, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Additional Revenue

Impact partnerships create an increase in impressions and engagement on social media as well as generate additional revenue.

Our Results

Through the adoption of social impact strategies, we are able to significantly impact numerous non profits

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At CCA, our mission is to create positive social change by providing innovative and impactful solutions to festivals, conferences, and live events. We partner with our clients to co-create and implement strategies that address complex social and environmental challenges, promote diversity, equity and inclusion, and advance sustainability. Our commitment to delivering high-quality services with integrity and empathy is grounded in our belief that meaningful and enduring change is possible when we work collaboratively and with purpose.

"By incorporating social impact initiatives in the foundation of a company, project, or conference, we have the power to effect significant change on a much larger scale."- Arielle Caputo, Founder of CCA

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Our collaboration with Stand For Trees and Meta Carbon represents a monumental shift in how we approach event planning. We're not just organizing events; we're leading by example in the fight against climate change. This is the responsibility of every conference organizer, and we're excited to be at the forefront of this transformation." - Arielle Caputo